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Wearing Disguises

A white quilt covering all the rotten lives with peace and pure beauty is what my tired eyes, tired of witnessing how dependent people are on disguises, see through my window. Speaking of disguises, I must admit that I truly

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Tick Tock

I’m sitting in a room. My eyes are closed. There is no light whatsoever that can cause disturbance and thus ruin my meditation. Everything seems fine and set for a journey of thoughts and considerations. I begin! Moving my arm-watch

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Living in a state of perpetual deja vu

being up to a lot of boring and exhausting stuff recently. that’s why there has not been any new word here, recently. this ain’t mean i already poured out what i ought to say, and thus reached the end of

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pensive now. to be honest, have been pensive for ages. never being capable of freeing this mind, taking away needless stuff being kept there, throwing away the trash i’ve collected from there, there, there, and there for years. always inhaling, never exhaling…

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little by little the darkness covering what stands out there in front of me. watching it carelessly. leaves are falling from the trees. as soon as they hit the ground the darkness is covering them. vision is blurry. not possible

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slicing memories into small pieces with a not sharp knife in my dream last night. it’s the same dream i’ve had dozens of times. it’s not day or night in these dreams. it’s kinda half-night. the atmosphere is gloomy. i’m

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writing down what I’ve had in mind for days. trying hard to make the text as perfect as possible. doesn’t work. no success, at least for me. giving up writing and then erasing all has been written. not able to

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