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On dreams

As in a dream, the pursuer never succeeds in catching up with the fugitive whom he is after, and the fugitive likewise cannot ever clearly escape his pursuer;  so Achilles that day did not succeed in attaining Hector, and Hector

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On power and right

Those who hold power know very well the difference between a right and a permission… A right in a strict sense of the term gives access to the exercise of a power, at the expense of another power. A permission

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on what can be said and what cannot

What can be said at all can be said clearly, and what we cannot talk about we must pass over in silence. Source: Tartacus Logico-Philosophicus – Ludwig Wittgenstein

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Violence is usually seen in terms of the domain in which concurring compromise and mutual assistance set the standard for Dasein, and accordingly all violence is necessarily deemed only a disturbance and an offence… The violent one, the creative one

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Do not focus on the ridiculous description of the hero

I took this passage from my favourite author’s, Slavoj Zizek, latest book, entitled Violence. It is a passage from one of the propaganda texts distributed by North Korea during the Korean War. Hero Kang Ho-yung was seriously wounded in both

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The ten commandments of liberal communist by Olivier Malnuit

1. Give everything away for free (free access, no copyright…); just charge for the additional services, which will make you even richer. 2. Change the world, don’t just sell the things: global revolution, a change of society will make things

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The interrogation of the Good

Step forward: we hear
That you are a good man.

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