Tick Tock

I’m sitting in a room. My eyes are closed. There is no light whatsoever that can cause disturbance and thus ruin my meditation. Everything seems fine and set for a journey of thoughts and considerations. I begin! Moving my arm-watch up close to my ear so I can hear its sound, tick tock. Tick tock is important to me cause it helps and guides me to control my heart rate.  A constant and slow heart rate is the crucial ingredient of a meditation séance, at least to me. I’m gradually synchronizing my heart rate with tick tock. One must be patient while doing this. Rushing is too dangerous. If you rush, you just don’t ruin whole séance, you also aggravate your already wrecked mental health. Thus, you must have patience and perform synchronizing calmly. That’s how I’m doing now.

Tick tock. I’m apparently doing very well because have started to feel that the healing light is approaching my body. Hmmm… Feeling heat all over my body. Heat eases my muscles and so I’m physically getting ready for the séance. Tick tock. Healing light can have different forms depending on person and quality of seance. It can sometimes be in the form of wind passing through your body, or of water flowing on your body, etc. Tick tock. I’ve experienced these two as well as many other forms. However, I don’t recall my body got as warm as now in any of my previous meditation seances. When feeling such heat all over my body, all I can think of is sun. I create a visual image of it in my mind. Tick tock. Watching at this eternal and gigantic beauty. Some pleasing tunes caress smoothly my ears. Don’t know wherefrom this melody comes. Maybe it’s from sun. At this point, it does not matter, I guess. Tick tock.

Healing light is getting closer and closer. I sense that cause I can feel its powerful heat strongly now. It’s about to reach me and initiate the meditation I’ve been craving. I still cannot name what form it has though. Tick tock.

I must stop trying to have control and power on everything and let go. Otherwise, I’ll fail to complete this séance as many earlier ones and so push myself one step closer to hitting the bottom. Tick tock. I now do stop pondering about nonessential things. By the way, these ears never heard such lovely tunes before. I’m in love with these tunes completely.

Tick tock. Needless to say, this is the best meditation séance so far. I’ve opened myself up completely now, and will be enjoying this forever. Tick tock…



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