The ten commandments of liberal communist by Olivier Malnuit

1. Give everything away for free (free access, no copyright…); just charge for the additional services, which will make you even richer.

2. Change the world, don’t just sell the things: global revolution, a change of society will make things better.

3. Be caring, sharing, and aware of social responsibility.

4. Be creative: focus on design, new technologies, and sciences.

5. Tell it all: there should be no secrets. Endorse and practice the cult of transparency, the free flow of information, all humanity should collaborate and interact.

6. Don’t work and take on a fixed nine-to-five job. Just engage in improvised smart, dynamic, flexible communications.

7. Go back to school and engage in permanent education.

8. Act as an enzyme: work not only for the market, but trigger new forms of social collaborations.

9. Die poor: return your health to those who need it, since you have more than you can ever spend.

10. Stand in for the state: practice the partnership of companies with the state.



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