little by little the darkness covering what stands out there in front of me. watching it carelessly. leaves are falling from the trees. as soon as they hit the ground the darkness is covering them. vision is blurry. not possible to distinguish leaves and ground. sound is muted. the darkness not only brings invisibility with itself, it sucks up all the sounds, even the sound that is heard when the leaves hit the ground.

mountains watching each other. doing nothing to prevent the darkness. the inevitable end gradually approaches. the darkness seems to be unbreakable, unstoppable, inevitable, etc. probably, this is not what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. unstoppable force meets movable objects including this being viewing the world through jelly cow eyes. witnessing what’s happening is as painful as what one can imagine. things stand still. leaves keep falling. mountains are as always. all is waiting for the darkness to cover them, paint them to black, and mute them, recklessly.

what’s happening is as rave as watching it. could it because of it feels like when one doesn’t want to get out of the bed in the morning? the bed is warm and comfortable. who wants to leave the bed and face the reality out there? no one!

the darkness injects something to the veins of what encounters what the darkness does. though what’s has been done by the darkness makes all feel good, all knows there’s no turning back. no coming back. even the leaves know that. all is dead when the darkness accomplishes what it’s doing.

keep doing what you’re supposed to do, the darkness. it feels good, at least for now.



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