Above the Mountain

The eagle above the mountain flaps over and seeks for its next victim. Some fresh flesh is what the eagle, he, looks for to feed his physical body. He needs to feed himself with something that fits to his appetite in order to survive in this battlefield. Soon or later, he will find what he is looking for and then satisfy himself in both physical and biological ways. Doing it once is not enough for him to keep himself alive and so, he will soon hear an echoing voice from deep inside his mind that repeats the same words continuously “MORE, GIVE ME MORE!”.

His consciousness is as strong as to admit himself that taking another piece of flesh into his body will never be enough to save him from the inevitable end, which has been out there and waited for its time to show its ugliness once again since all this already composed game began, but unfortunately, he cannot change anything at all since his existence depends upon that ugliness interpenetrating in his blood. The fact, that the inevitable end will show its ugliness without any doubt, has been something that none of creatures existed so far have been able to either stop or change it neither partly nor completely.

No matter how much he is willing to turn the direction of his own fate to a new beginning, all of his effort on it will end up where everything remains the same. Running in this circle hopefully to arrive the new state of his life, in where he is capable of feeding himself not just physically and biologically but also mentally, in turn, exhausts him, makes him vulnerable and mad! Because of his endless attempts to be able to breath some fresh air that does not smell blood do not and will not take him to where a new era waits for him far from this battlefield, from which fume with the smell blood arises to the blue sky and ruins it.

So, he despairingly keeps flying above the mountain to find his new source of energy for living in this trap that not allowing the physical form of him to escape. What a pity for him. He will never ever get that chance to make a significant difference in his life.

Keep flapping over the battlefield, the eagle!

To be frank, I have gotten a question in my mind to ask that is that “how does he know that there is another way of living existed out there?

Note: in order to see the original photograph, please visit deviantart.



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5 comments on “Above the Mountain
  1. egemavisi says:

    Bro, you must try to write in Turkish. I’m sure that will be great. Just try for me. .)

  2. merovingian says:

    Bro, surely I could try writing in Turkish just for you 🙂

    However, there is something I thought over your statement and I’d like to share it with you.
    After reading your statement, a question arose in my mind. The question is that: Do you want me to write in Turkish because of whether what I wrote in English is not understandable or you don’t understand it or my English sucks :)?
    Your response on this question is really important for possible improvements on both my English and the way I use to write.

    by the way, what if I say I’m most likely coming over there around 20th of May?


  3. Margarita says:

    Noooo, don’t write in Turkish, I haven’t learnt more than to insult people yet!

    I adore your blog though my dear friend, it seems that it’s the only way for me to get some news from you, even if you don’t really write about what you’re up to and so…

    Keep in touch, and write to me soon, please! *puss & kram*

  4. merovingian says:

    Hej Margarita,

    how nice to see you here.

    It seems there has been a misunderstanding. He is one of my best bros, in fact there are not so many, just a few, and he doesn’t want to mean anything that offends me. All he wants to mean, I think, is that “I should try to externalize my thoughts in Turkish, due to doing it in my native language will be much better since my English is not good/powerful enough to manage this or similar kinds of texts”. Honestly, he is right to some extent. In spite of his suggestion, I’ll keep writing in English in order to be more talented in English.

    You’re absolutely right about the lack of communication between you and me. As always, it’s all because of me. Shame on me! I’ll try harder to make it better as soon as possible.

    Greetings to you and my bro!

  5. egemavisi says:

    No, i understand you. Your posts helps me to improve my English. Keep writing. But also i want to see Turkish writings, too because i believe that your written language in Turkish is so powerful. And i’m sorry for my English. It’s not very well. .)
    Finally, coming over here! I’m very happy now, after read the 20th of May! I’ll waiting for you.
    See you soon.

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