Sinking in our mess

As the night falling on us, our homes, street, towns, etc, and rather slowly hiding all the mess, we spread out whole day, we all seem to be very proud of ourselves, because we have survived from the chaos -which encircling and tightening us day by day- once again, regardless not caring about how harmful we have been to ourselves and to our world along this race.

Don’t get offended after those words above, because no one is claiming that you are a blameworthy human being who fucks the world in the ass. You’re as innocent as others and just one of those billions out there, who consistently abuse whatsoever is served by the life to them. Most likely, I’m one of them to some extent. I’m not capable of evaluating how much negative impact every single person on planet earth has had on people who are somehow being affected by damaging waves coming from their outer circle. Consequently, none of us will ever be able to tell us who is worser than whom, due to that being absolutely objective in this world doesn’t exist and it never ever won’t.

There may not be much sense in thinking over the same fundamental point of this issue over and over again. Well, I somewhat agree with that as well as strongly and freely argue about it within its context. However, I now want to turn the focus on another aspect of it shortly.

Even though there is a well known aspect of the core issue by almot all of you, which is playing three wise monkeys to ignore our mess all around, to all appearances none of us acts to do anything at all. Here is what irritates me excessively; we’re un-fucking-believably aware of the obvious fact, being harmful to the world in general, and have never ever questioned, even attempted to do it, why we keep going like this even though we know this is not the way along which we are supposed to walk, how long it’ll last and what will be the outcome of all we do now eventually!

Such a weird sense, I just caught, forces me to cut it off for now. So, I’ll listen to it and then follow the white rabbit in the green garden, instead of continuing here with you.

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